Montblanc StarWalker Precious Resin Ballpoint Pen

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Explore the universe with the new Montblanc StarWalker Precious Resin collection. The new StarWalker design celebrates the vision of our beautiful blue planet floating in the vast expanse of space. To incorporate this exclusive sight into the new collection, Montblanc have created a unique technology for the unique StarWalker emblem. Beneath the Montblanc emblem, a blue translucent dome creates a visionary reminiscent of the Earth emerging above the lunar horizon as described by space travelers.


  • Brand: Montblanc
  • Style: Ballpoint
  • Inc Color: Black
  • Material: Resin
  • Clip: Platinum-coated clip
  • Barrel: Black precious resin

What's In The Box?

Montblanc Starwalker Resin Line Blue Cap Ballpoint Pen (Black Ink)

Item Condition: New

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