Venvex Insulated Neoprene Reusable Lunch Tote Bag

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A lunch bag you’ll use over and over again, you’ll wonder how you ever dined without it! Combining high-quality performance with exceptional quality, Venex lunch bag features and easy slide zipper, heavy duty stitching and a durable construction. The insulation keeps outside temperatures from degrading your edibles so you can carry hearty portions of your favorite foods without worrying. The neoprene material is waterproof, easy-to-clean and stretches to accommodate all your essentials. The folded design bottom allows the lunch bag to expand and stand up on its own. The design of the flat bottom panel and the stitching allows the insulated lunch bag to be folded flat for storage.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Enough room to fit your beverage standing upright with extra room for other snacks
  • Stretchy Neoprene
  • Wayer-resistant
  • Vinyl-free, PVC-free and food-safe
  • Keeps food hot/cold for hours
  • Stain-resistant, won't fade after washing and will dry quickly

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Venvex Insulated Neoprene Reusable Lunch Tote Bag
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