USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera 8GB 1080P HD USB Adapter

  • $29.99

The USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera 1080P HD Adapter is shaped like normal wall charger which makes for an ideal hiding camera and can charge your phones while videotaping. Simple to use, plug it into a wall socket to automatically start videotaping, unplug to turn it off, stop videotaping and to save files automatically. With continuous-loop videotaping it will overwrite the earliest video files when the 8GB memory has been filled. It has an 80° wide angle view for optimal coverage. No additional software required to watch the video, simply plug it into your Mac or PC with the cable provided. The mini cam video surveillance tool will monitor your home, pets, business, as well as anything else of importance, providing complete peace of mind. Your hidden camera looks and functions like your standard USB wall charger, with no indication that it is also a hidden camera.

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