Triple Layered Woven 84" Blackout Curtains (4-Pack)

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Heighten the drama of your elegant living room by adding these Blackout Energy-Saving Window Panel Curtains to your windows. Their blackout features include noise reduction, room darkening, energy saving insulation, and protection from harsh sunlight. Beautifully made, they'll frame your windows while keeping out unwanted light, making your living space even cozier. Hang them in your home today, and make them focal point of any room you choose.

  • Curtains block out 99% of light for a cozy and uninterrupted sleep
  • Provides additional insulation during colder months
  • Velvet texture
  • Heavy triple-layered fabric with rod pocket 
  • Machine washable
What's in the Box?
Triple Layered Woven 84" Blackout Curtains (4-Pack)
*Item Condition: New
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