Portable Rolling Side Table

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Are you in need of a good, sturdy side table? This portable rolling side table is designed to be used as a coffee table, a snack table, and a side table next to the sofa. It is made out of 15mm chipboard and is strong and durable, providing support to hold all your books, snacks, a lamp, extra blankets, etc.
This side table is great for moving around from one room to the next. You can put it in your bedroom next to your bed, in the living room as a coffee table or side table, or in your office or kitchen as an extra storage table. Not only strong and durable, but beautifully designed, coming in three different colors: black or coffee. Add this nice table to your home or office today.

  • Can be used in the bedroom, kitchen and office
  • Designed to be movable
  • Made of high quality material
  • Durable and strong

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Portable Rolling Side Table
*Item Condition: New
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