Paws & Pals 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel Fleece Bed

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This cozy Fleece Tunnel Pet Bed, made by Paws & Pals, is great for nap or play. The unique design gives your pet a snuggly little den when zipped but unzipping gives your pet more surface area to play. It's a perfect spot for your pet to hide when it wants to catch some Zs but it also gives them a sneaky little spot from which to pounce when they are feeling feisty. The fabric is ultra-soft and the pillow edge gives them a place to rest their heads while they doze. It's great for any season and the compact size is ideal for travel. 

  • Dimensions: Tube form: 35" x 1.5" x 21" inches; 10" inch diameter.
  • Great For Travel: Compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere your pet goes.
  • Heat Reflecting Layer utilizes your pet's body heat so they can stay warm.
  • Unique Design: When zipped, this bed forms a soft tunnel your pet will love to sleep or play in. Unzip and your pet has more surface area to stretch out.

What's In The Box:
Paws & Pals 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel Fleece Bed
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