Eco-Friendly Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder

  • $10.99
  • Save $12

Dental hygiene is very important for your overall health but the way you keep your toothpaste and toothbrush is highly important too. And this Eco-Friendly hands-free holder will provide you and your family with the most economic and hygienic solution. Toothpaste holder is completely hands-free and works with the vacuum extrusion making sure you use every last drop of it. And toothbrush holder, that has five separate slots will keep your brushes (adult and children alike) dry, clean and dust-proof thanks to its cover. It is easy to install and with measurements like 6.10in x 2.36in and 2.18in x 4.33in it will take a minimum of your space, easy to use and clean. Perfect for families with children, elderly or disabled people. Please note that this product is not electric but automatic.

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