EasyEdge Lightweight Hard Floor Swivel Sweeper

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Say so-long to that back-breaking broom you've been using to clean up the kitchen and dining room. This EasyEdge hard floor swivel sweeper picks up large and small debris with a simple push and effortlessly sweeps it into the built-in dustpan. No electricity, batteries, bags or filters are required. This broom runs on manual operation and is super easy to use.

Get under the sofa or right next to the baseboards with the EasyEdge swivel sweeper. It gives you 360 degree rotation and can handle any mess. Kick your broom to the curb and start enjoying quick and easy cleanup.

  • Three brushes sweep debris into built-in dust pan
  • Effective on everything from salt and sand to pet hair and potato chips
  • Gets close to baseboards and edges
  • Swivels 360 degrees for easy handling
  • Manual operation: requires no batteries, electricity, bags, or filters
  • Some assembly required
  • Available in your choice of gold or rose gold
  • Includes swivel sweeper and gift box 
What's In The Box?
EasyEdge Lightweight Hard Floor Swivel Sweeper
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