BIC Xtra Life Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm), 40-Pack

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Designed to be durable, BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencils come with smooth-writing leads that do not smudge and erase cleanly. One BIC Pencil equals 2 wood case pencils, offering great value and performance. The lead advances quickly with just a click, so the pencil never needs sharpening. Perfect for standardized tests, each Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil comes preloaded with three #2 leads that create smooth, legible lines. The clear barrel and colored clip make it a sophisticated choice for school, home, or office use. This pack contains 40 BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencils. 

  • The #1 Selling Mechanical Pencil.
  • 1 BIC Pencil = 2 wood case pencils.
  • Versatile 0.7mm medium point ideal for a variety of writing activities.
  • Modern clear barrel with vibrant clip.
  • Lead advances easily with a simple click and is always ready to write, no need to sharpen!.
  • Smooth-writing #2 lead does not smudge.
  • Erases cleanly, so your work looks neat and professional.
  • The smart choice for standardized tests.
  • Includes three #2 leads per pencil.
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BIC Xtra Life Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm), 40-Pack
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