Waterproof Hammock-Style Pet Car Seat Protector

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Protect your expensive leather or cloth car seats with this Waterproof Hammock-Style Pet Car Seat Protector. Simply slip the durable and waterproof hammock-style protector around the headrests in your car, and your pet can jump into the backseat without getting them muddy or wet. This way, your best friend can enjoy the ride and you’re not fretting about the clean-up job when you get home.

  • Size: 58in. X 56in. (148cm. x 143cm.) 
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Soft microfiber surface with plush foam filling
  • Fits safely in most cars and suvs
  • Water, Mud and Dirt Repellent 
  • Easy-to-install
  • Tare Resistant
  • Hammock design hangs between the front and rear seats using adjustable straps
  • Center zipper for easy access to your pet
  • Seat belts openings for added safety
  • Machine Washable
What's In The Box:
Waterproof Hammock-Style Pet Car Seat Protector 
*Item Condition: New
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